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my deviations:D


Thirteen steps
                                                                                 THIRTEEN STEPS
I don't own all characters. They are from 'Urban Vermin'. I own only the situations, OC's and events happened in the story written below.
Some of the facts about the location aren't real and are edited for the story.
Chapter 1: God save Queen Charlotte's isnads!
It was always the same.
The alarm clock rang. From the shock she stood up and hit her head on the bed above her and fell on the floor wrapped in the blanket.
"Oh! I gotta hurry up! Shit Coco hurry up!" she said to herself putting on her
:icontary3x3:tary3x3 2 1
Tirtheen steps ch4
Chapter 4: Things are starting getting obvious
As much as others did, Ken hated this place. He was in his room. This time Abe trusted him and let him the keys. He could run of any time he wanted but something was wrong here and he wanted to know what. He went out his room and knocked on the doors few doors away from his room. If he wanted to stay on this island and get of safely and not lose Abe's trust he owned the apology to Coco.
"What the hell?!" he heard and than a hard boom like someone fell and then like something else fell on the ground. Then she finally opened the doors. "What?! Oh, it's you…"
"Ok, first of all I need to apologize for before… I know it was stupid-"
"Apology not accepted." She said about to close the door but Ken hold them.
"The other thing is; if we're gonna be stuck here together you need to stop being such a bitch because I'm not a bitch to you anymore."
She didn't say anything. She was just looking at him with a bored face not caring about what he
:icontary3x3:tary3x3 1 2
Arms Race ch. 1-2
                                                                          ARMS RACE
Part two of the novel 'Cursed Post stamp'.
After a few years of peace, a global problem showed up that forced GLF to reunite again and resolve it.  The mission was considered to be near suicide.
Chapter 1: Back together again
This ain't a scene, it's a goddamn arms race
I'm not a shoulder to cry on
But I digress
I'm a leading man
and the lies I weave are, oh so intricate,
Oh so intricate
It's been 2 years since GLF was together for the last time. After finding the post stamp selling it, they split.  But they
:icontary3x3:tary3x3 3 1
Cursed poststamp ch5
Chapter 5: The phylatelist union
“So where is it?” Abe asked.
“Ken doesn’t have it. Anymore.” J.P. said. Abe and Coco almoast fainted.
“He sold it to someone.”
“A phylatelist. I think he’s from Germany.”
“Oh great! He’s probably miles away now!”
“Probably not.”
“What do you mean?”
“Tomorrow it’s a phylatelist union in Toronto.”
“We need to go there!”
“No Abe… We were here just for 4 days.”
“Coco we need to get it.”
“Just forget about it Abe!”
“How much time do we have?”
“Exactly… 18 hours and 20 minutes.”
“We shuld leave righ now.”
“No Abe we’re leaving tomorrow. We have enough time.”
“No Coco he’s right. You need to make a plan how to come in and find the stamp.” J.P. said.
“You mean we can’t go in?” Coco asked.
“No without
:icontary3x3:tary3x3 1 6
Mature content
Cursed poststamp ch4 :icontary3x3:tary3x3 1 2
Cursed poststamp ch3
Chapter 3: Dirty little plans
Later at the evening, Coco let her bra on her flat bed and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.
“Bingo.” Ken said to himself when he saw opend window and nobody was in the room. He tought he was more capable than Kim and Johnny so he decided to do this alone. He climbed up the window and fall in the room. He quickly stood up and looked around so he was sure no one heard him.
“Ok… where could Coco hide the album? Ofcourse…”
Ken took Coco’s backpack and strarted to dig in it.
“Books…papers…handgraandes…guns…bullets…Oh ewww!” he said when he picked up her bra. “Where is the album???” then he saw it under the mattress. “Bingo.” He took the album and started to looki in it. He looked at every stamp but he didn’t found Penny Black. He heard the door of the bathroom opened. He hided behind them when Coco opend it. She was wraped in the towel. She saw her album w
:icontary3x3:tary3x3 1 1
Urban Vermin fan comic pt3 by tary3x3 Urban Vermin fan comic pt3 :icontary3x3:tary3x3 3 3
Urban Vermin Codename Voodoo12
Chapter 12: So what about the codename?
»Abe, lets go.« sad Coco.
»Well se ya in the party!« sad Ken. That bastard toke my mate! Ken tought. Abe was surprised that Ken didn't bother them a lot. They went to the GLF base where Madman and Nygel were waiting. They were worried about Coco.
»Hy.« sad Coco and enter the room. She was unwilling and she felt sick.
»Any missions?« Abe asked.
»No.« sad Nygel.
»Ken is inviting us on a party. The Block is under his control now.« sad Abe.
»We shuld never went on the party when we camed home. If we wuldn't went, that thing between you two wuld never hapend.« sad Madman.
»Oh Rufus! I told you what hapend!« Abe yelled.
»You started. You're rude, you know that?« Coco whisper on Abes ear. Abe turned red. Later nobody didn't sad anything. Coco read a magazine, Madman and Nygel were wathching the TV, only Abe was alone outside on the bench thinking about his future.
:icontary3x3:tary3x3 3 2
Urban vermin by tary3x3 Urban vermin :icontary3x3:tary3x3 4 5 Hands study by Azeher Hands study :iconazeher:Azeher 378 5 Top Hats Reference Sheet by Kibbitzer Top Hats Reference Sheet :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 3,389 52 Legs reference sheet 2 by Kibbitzer Legs reference sheet 2 :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 9,914 62 Anime by AmaraKaiba Anime :iconamarakaiba:AmaraKaiba 5,761 2,752 I had a dream where I was free by Ruhje I had a dream where I was free :iconruhje:Ruhje 2,132 297 Good and Evil by Fint-art Good and Evil :iconfint-art:Fint-art 3,112 681 Hands Reference 2 by Kibbitzer Hands Reference 2 :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 14,493 214



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welcome to my page!hope you like it!
i"m not new on this site,but i want to make friends!!:nya:
sorry for my bad english lol:):D

if you want to collab with me,i am free:hug:


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